Senior Customer Success Specialist

The senior customer success specialist will be responsible for owning the happiness of our customers.

Full Time

Client Campaigns

  1. Review Campaigns from Every Client Account for Cold Email Compliance as Shown in the CEC SOP
  2. Create New Inboxes for Existing and New Servers as well as Messaging Vendors to coordinate
  3. Import Existing inboxes into Client Email Accounts with Proper settings as shown in onboarding SOP
  4. Monitor Client Accounts for warm up errors / disconnects
  5. Fill Out Weekly Server Usage Report for Clients and Notify them
  6. Using existing process, message clients directly in slack regarding onboarding, new inboxes, etc.
  7. Update onboarding status in Client portal for each client to give them visibility
  8. Handle administrative responsibilities.
  9. Your role will constantly be changing. As the company grows, you may take on more responsibility and ownership. A big part of this job is to stay on your toes, always ready for action and change.


  • Candidates should have 3 or more years of relevant cold email or marketing experience
  • You will maintain a broad and deep technical understanding of the cold email process
  • Displays high integrity and honesty

Nice to Have

  • Ideally have past experience with lead generation and cold email.
  • Background knowledge of cold email / other email softwares (SmartLead, Instantly, Apollo, Woodpecker, Lemlist, or similar)