Inbox Rotation

We rotate an army of inboxes on individual campaigns. This allows the total volume to be high, but the individual volume to be low, keeping your reputation clean.

  • Limitless volume
  • Low stress on each inbox

Customer Stories

See how other sales teams have increased pipeline by hitting the inbox

How LeadBaller Went From a .06% Reply Rate to an 8% Reply Rate

Including 1 campaign that landed 53 opportunities in 4 weeks.

How SysCloud Went From a 1% to a 28% Reply Rate

Including 1 campaign that landed 27 opportunities in 1 week.

How RallyCorp Landed a 7% Reply Rate and 7 opportunities

In their very first campaign

Hit Quota by Hitting the Inbox

Instead of fighting IT, why not just book meetings from cold email without the worry?