Unlimited Inboxes for Cold Email

We set up and manage the infrastructure of cold email so you can focus on results.

The Standard for Top Outbound Agencies

Our 3 agency products enable you to quickly scale your outbound service without being bogged down with IT & VAs.

Avatar Inboxes that Send Cold Emails Day 1
Managed Inboxes with High Deliverability
One-Time Setups Into Your Workspaces

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

What if one of my inboxes go down?

We have an inbox guarantee. If any of your inboxes that are managed on our workspaces gets suspended, blacklisted, etc. we will auto-swap it with another one in our pool.

How do you work with agencies?

We offer both one-time setups (we do the labor to setup your own inboxes) and managed setups (you rent inboxes from us and we manage deliverability for you). You can read more details in our pricing page.

What if Your Inboxes Get Deleted or Attacked by Google/Microsoft?

We host all of our inboxes across multiple workspaces. This means that even if one of them goes down, you won't lose all of your inboxes from us. We will then replace those deleted inboxes as a part of our inbox guarantee.

Stop Wasting Time Worrying, Start Sending