You're in Sales, Not IT

With the latest restrictions in email, it feels impossible to generate pipeline from cold email anymore

  • User suspensions and disconnects
  • <1% reply rates
  • Blacklists
  • Non-existent lead flow

Cold Email is a Technical Role Now

Let us be your full-stack deliverability hire without the full-time cost

Private Servers

Have complete control of your reputation by sending from your own server.

  • No restrictions or disconnects
  • DFY mailbox setup
  • Free replacement inboxes

Inbox Rotation

We rotate an army of inboxes on individual campaigns. This allows the total volume to be high, but the individual volume to be low, keeping your reputation clean.

  • Limitless volume
  • Low stress on each inbox

Copy Revisions

Unfortunately, many cold emails that companies send out to prospects are…well…aggressive and spammy. We always review your campaign copy to make sure you're compliant with email best practices.

  • Spammy-ness check
  • Relevance and CTA
  • Readability

We play ball with all your tools

Send data about your leads activity, responses & company data to your CRM and other tools.

Customer Stories

See how other sales teams have increased pipeline by hitting the inbox

How LeadBaller Went From a .06% Reply Rate to an 8% Reply Rate

Including 1 campaign that landed 53 opportunities in 4 weeks.

How SysCloud Went From a 1% to a 28% Reply Rate

Including 1 campaign that landed 27 opportunities in 1 week.

How RallyCorp Landed a 7% Reply Rate and 7 opportunities

In their very first campaign



Do you integrate with my CRM/other tools?

Yes, we integrate with all of them (Hubspot, SalesForce, Pipedrive, Salesloft, Outreach, and many others)


How does the handoff work? Won't the prospect be confused that I'm using different emails?

The handoff is very straight forward. Once an avatar inbox gets a reply, you will be able to handle the lead in the same thread in the centralized inbox. You would then handle this lead like any other until the meeting is booked on the calendar. Once the meeting is booked, we recommend sending emails to the lead from your main email/marketing emails.


What if we don't use all of our credits?

Credits do not roll over, so if you send 8K emails in one month, but you had 10K available, your credits would still reset to 0 the next month. We encourage our clients to maximize their credit limit and push the limits!


Would this be an ongoing service or a one-time setup?

This is an ongoing service. After setting up the dedicated servers & inboxes, we will send emails for you every month according to the campaigns and lists you'd like to send to.