30 Opps in 30 Days

Let us deploy a cold email sprint using the best technology on the market with a guarantee backing it.

Cut to the Chase with The Outbound Incubator

Let us confirm that cold email is a profitable channel for you to grow, and then double down on it

30 Day Sprint

We move fast, find out in 30 days how many opportunities are possible from cold email

Start Sending Week 1

No warming necessary, we use pre-warmed inboxes to start sending cold emails week 1

A Real Guarantee

If you don't get 30 opportunities in 30 days, you don't pay the 2nd installment.

Customer Stories

ePropel - 18 Meetings Booked in 2 Weeks + $120K Pipeline

ePropel was selling a commodity SEO offer in a very small, hard-to-reach niche. We implemented a creative copy that landed them 18 meetings booked, $120K pipeline, and 5 deals closed.

C.W - $80K Pipeline in 5 Days

This agency was having trouble selling their service in a very crowded space, despite their excellent results. We set up a cold email sprint for them and in just 5 days of sending emails, they generated $80K in opportunities.

HMG - 8 Calls Booked in 2 Weeks + $150K Pipeline

HMG had great success with word of mouth and paid advertising but unfortunately, had a hard time getting cold outreach to work. We stepped in and tested 5 different angles of messaging. In just 2 weeks, they generated a $150K pipeline.

Referzip - $39K Pipeline in 2 Weeks

One of Referzip's growth partners was just getting started growing their franchise and needed an automated system of bringing in new accounts. In just 2 weeks, they were able to generate a $39K pipeline.

$15K Pipeline 7 Days After Launch

This SaaS company had too many features to count, and it was taking a toll on their marketing. They came to us to crack cold email and generate consistent pipeline. In 7 days of launch, they were able to generate a $15K pipeline.

11 Opportunities in Week 1

This Ads agency was doing very well via referrals and upwork outreach, but was needing help in identifying a cold outreach strategy that would actually work. After launching cold emails for 1 week, they generated 11 opportunities.

Let's Crack Cold Email