From $10K/Month to $50K/Month

Rachel, B2B Coach


Rachel Helps Career, Executive & Other Coaches Build A $25k/Month Business Using LinkedIn in 90 Days

The Situation

Rachel was having trouble serving the tech market, and using LinkedIn specifically to land appointments + new clients from it. This niche was just very unmotivated and wasting her time.


Rachel not only went through our program, but used her 1:1 support calls with Joe to determine a new niche. This niche was VERY competitive, but a MUCH better fit for Rachel. After joining, Rachel:

— Went from $10K/mo to $25K/mo in 90 days just by adding our organic outreach systems

— Had a $25,000 week

— Is now hitting $50K/mo consistently with outreach

— Regularly books 10-12 calls/week


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