From $5K-$10K/mo to $25K/mo + Booking 10-15 Calls/Week

Jen, B2B Outbound Coach


Jen helps B2B companies win $10k - $100k B2B contracts in 3 months with her outbound coaching program.

The Situation

Jen was looking for a more effective way to do cold outreach. She was struggling with the older forms of outbound prospecting (numbers game, works but not efficient).


After joining our program, Jen was able to crack the code with her outbound funnel. Because of not only the program content/assets, but also the DIRECT coaching she got from Joe, Jen was able to

— Scale from $5K-$10K/mo to $25K/mo

— Booking 15 Calls/week

— Close Prospects from Facebook organic using our inbound + outbound combo method


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