From $14K/mo to $31K/mo + Booking 3-5 Qualified Calls/Week

Newton, CEO of SEO Agency


Newton is the CEO of EPropel, who helps Cannabis Dispensary Owners Increase Online Sales at Least 120% and Consistently Attract Premium Customers Organically, Forever, Without Endless Instagram Posts

The Situation

Newton had been doing outbound but with very little results to show. It had been 2 months since he closed his last client, and the spray and pray tactics weren't working that well. Newton knew there was something missing.


After joining our program, Newton realized right away what he had been missing in his outbound funnel. Because of not only the program content/assets, but also the DIRECT coaching he got from Joe, Newton:

— Scaled from $14K/mo to $31K/mo just months after joining

— Closed $6,800 just 2 weeks after joining

— Books 3-5 Qualified Calls/Week On Average


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